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1.       Piffanny manufactures both Natural and Natural identical flavours for all applications ;

Ø  DAIRY & DESSERT : Yoghurt / Ice Cream / Flavoured Milk  (Vanilla, Strawberry , Mango , Blueberry, and many more )

Ø  BAKERY : Cakes /Bread / Biscuits/Cookies  Flavours such us Butter , Milk, Oreo Cookies  and many more flavours  are available

Ø  CONFECTIONERY: Bubble gum/ Hard Boiled Candies  flavours such as  Toffee, Tutti fruity , Milk , pineapple  and many more flavours  are  available

Ø  BEVERAGE : Alcoholic / Non-Alcoholic flavours such as Gin , Whiskey, Vodka,  Pineapple ,  Lemon, Coca Cola, Orange, banana and many more are available

Ø  SNACKS: Snacks seasoning flavours available

Ø  SAUCE % DRESSING: Tomato , Chilli, Ketchup  flavours and more  are available

Ø  INSTANT DRINKS : Orange , Pineapple, Cola flavours available

Ø  SPORT NUTRITIONS : Related flavours available

Ø  FAT & OIL : Margarine / Mayonnaise flavours   available

SHISHA : Coming soon